Recent publications

  • Kosch, O., Szarucki, M., & Skačkauskienė, I. (2023). Global and national visibility of management research methodology scholars – the case of Poland. Business: Theory and Practice24(1), 227–238.

  • Mirzyńska, A., Kosch, O., Schieg, M., Šuhajda, K., & Szarucki, M. (2021). Exploring concomitant concepts in the discussion on the circular economy: A bibliometric analysis of web of science, scopus and twitter. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 27(6), 1539–1562.

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  • Kosch, O., & Szarucki, M. (2021). An Overview of 25 Years of European Scientific Collaboration in the Field of Strategic Management: A Bibliometric Analysis. European Management Review, 18(1), 51–69.

Selected conference proceedings

  • Szarucki, M., & Kosch, O. (2022). Are They Replicable and Transparent? Insights from Search Strategies for SLRs. Academy of Management Annual Meeeting Proceedings, 2022.

  • Kosch, O., & Szarucki, M. (2022). A literature scarcity paradox in management: an analysis of systematic literature review search strategies. European Academy of Management Annual Conference, 1–26.

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