Hello! I am Oskar Kosch. I have busy mind, and so I do lot of things, as being "multidisciplinary" sounds more fun to me.

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Kriss de Valnor Fan Movie

Crowdfunding strategy (pledges, stretch goal) & landing page with custom referral system.

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I have helped many projects launch their brand / product, with strategy consultancy and project management.

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Educational boardgame

I have made educational game for young people to help them discover their personality type and best jobs - and it is part of greater project that we (with my colleagues) are doing pro publico bono :)

Science behind that

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Neutrality Centrality and structural bias in networks

New measure for use in Social Networks Analysis

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The insumer stakeholder concept (COMING SOON)

New type of stakeholder, that is mix of investor and consumer; quite common in crowdfunding.

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Bibliometric analysis procedure for relevant publications search (COMING SOON)

Procedure to obtain most relevant literature through meta-analysis. Backward, forward and horizontal cited references & Natural Languages Processin algorithms.

Special Skills

Economics & management

More management than economics, but both are area of my interest... Hey! I am even PhD student on Economics faculty :)

Data analysis

Truly passion of mine. Nothing to add.

Programming skills

I learn everything, that is needed to achieve great results. Programming skills are useful, almost all the time, so I used many languages and frameworks.